My First Experience with Medium Format Film

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I just got my first ever roll of 120 film back from the local developing shop. It was used in a Zenza Bronica EC from 1972 with a 75mm 2.8 Nikkor lens.  All I can really say is medium format film is so much fun to shoot! When I started shooting 35mm I loved how you knew you could only shoot so much and you had to make every frame worth it. Since I’ve shot so much 35mm now I’ve gotten use to it and I’m not as worried to mess up a shot. With 120, you have 12 shots, thats it (unless you’re me and you get 12 and 1/2). Every frame needs to be thought through and the focus needs to be checked twice or even three times. You have to really think about your exposure and lighting. How much back lighting is there? Am I going to whiten out their face if I overexpose too much? How much grain will come through in the shadows? These are all questions that flew through my head while taking the shots posted below. This is the excitement in shooting that I had been missing in my film photography.

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