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I recently loaded my own roll of film from a bulk loader my uncle kindly gave to me. The film is Tmax 100 that expired in 1999. I loaded 15 exposures, loaded up the Nikkorex, and headed into town. Due to the films age I decided to shoot at 25 asa (ISO), the day was bright with hardly any clouds so it worked out perfect. It was a cold day, but great for shooting black and white. I shot walls, alleys, and light posts until I ran out of my 15 shots. A week later I had gotten my developer was ready to go. Now, as I started mixing chemicals and doing research, I realized I didn’t have a wetting agent for helping with the drying process. I made due. The developing process was interesting. While pouring chemicals and doing the agitations I could only think to myself “theres no way this will work, none of this makes sense.” I was wrong. After rinsing the film and using a tiny but of soap and water to wipe the film, negatives! 

After scanning the negatives on a super cheap scanner, I noticed gnarly scratches. I can only assume these are from the old film canister I used (I just bought new ones). I was amazed at the images, the film is usable! 

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